InspIRCd v4 is still early in development!

If you use this branch you may experience crashes, weird behaviour, and unannounced breaking changes.

You probably want to use InspIRCd v3 instead.

The "swhois" Module (v4)


This module adds the /SWHOIS command which adds custom lines to a user's WHOIS response.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="swhois">

<oper> & <type>

This module extends the core <oper> and <type> tags with the following fields:

Name Type Default Value Description
swhois Text None If defined then defines a custom line to add to the server operator's WHOIS response.
Example Usage

Adds "hates cheese" to Sadie's WHOIS response:

<oper name="Sadie"
      swhois="hates cheese">


Name Parameter Count Syntax Description
SWHOIS 2 <nick> <line> Sets the custom WHOIS line for <nick> to <line>.

Example Usage

Sets the custom WHOIS line for Sadie to "hates cheese":

/SWHOIS Sadie :hates cheese