InspIRCd v4 is still early in development!

If you use this branch you may experience crashes, weird behaviour, and unannounced breaking changes.

You probably want to use InspIRCd v3 instead.

The "sslmodes" Module (v4)


This module adds channel mode z (sslonly) which prevents users who are not connecting using TLS (SSL) from joining the channel and user mode z (sslqueries) to prevent messages from non-TLS (SSL) users.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="sslmodes">

This module requires no other configuration.

Channel Modes

Name Character Type Parameter Syntax Usable By Description
sslonly z Switch None Channel operators Prevents users who are not connected using TLS (SSL) from joining the channel.

User Modes

Name Character Type Parameter Syntax Usable By Description
sslqueries z Switch None Anyone Prevents messages from being sent to or received from a user that is not connected using TLS (SSL).

Extended Bans

Name Character Type Ban Syntax Description
sslfp z Matching z:<pattern> Checks whether users have a TLS (SSL) client certificate with a fingerprint matching <pattern>.

Example Usage

Bans users with a TLS (SSL) client certificate fingerprint of 5d7499e1a3537687a2e875fed60b171508a4d1384351e276c4f961ab80729249:

/MODE #channel +b z:5d7499e1a3537687a2e875fed60b171508a4d1384351e276c4f961ab80729249