The "mysql" Module (v4)

This module depends on a third-party library (libmysqlclient) and must be manually enabled at compile time.

Once you have installed the dependency you can enable this module using the following command:

./configure --enable-extras mysql


This module provides the ability for SQL modules to query a MySQL database.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="mysql">


The <database> tag defines a MySQL database to connect to. This tag can be defined as many times as required.

Name Type Default Value Description
module Text None Required! This MUST be set to "mysql" to connect to a MySQL database.
id Text None Required! The name that SQL-using modules can refer to this <database> tag using.
host Text None Required! The hostname or IP address of a MySQL server.
port Number None Required! The port on which the MySQL server is listening.
user Text None Required! The username to log into the MySQL server with.
pass Text None Required! The password to log into the MySQL server with.
name Text None Required! The name of the MySQL database to use.
charset Text None If defined then a custom character set to use with the MySQL server.
srv Boolean No If enabled then connect to MySQL by looking up the real host and port from a DNS SRV record.
tls Boolean No Whether to connect to the MySQL server using TLS (SSL).
Example Usage
<database module="mysql"