InspIRCd v4 is still early in development!

If you use this branch you may experience crashes, weird behaviour, and unannounced breaking changes.

You probably want to use InspIRCd v3 instead.

The "monitor" Module (v4)


This module adds the /MONITOR command which allows users to find out when their friends are connected to the server.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="monitor">


The <monitor> tag defines settings about how the monitor module should behave. This tag can only be defined once.

Name Type Default Value Description
maxentries Number 30 The maximum number of entries on a user's monitor list.
Example Usage
<monitor maxentries="32">


Name Parameter Count Syntax Description
MONITOR 1, 2 (+|-) <nick>,[<nick>]+
Manipulates the contents of the executing user's monitor list.

Example Usage

Adds Sadie to the monitor list:

/MONITOR + Sadie

Removes Sadie from the monitor list:

/MONITOR - Sadie

Removes all users from the monitor list:


Lists all users on the monitor list:


Shows the status of all monitored users:


Client Capabilities

Name Description
extended-monitor Allows sending state change messages (AWAY, ACCOUNT, CHGHOST, SETNAME) for monitored clients without a common channel.