The "sasl" Module (v3)


This module provides the IRCv3 sasl client capability.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="sasl">


The <sasl> tag defines settings about how the sasl module should behave. This tag can only be defined once.

Name Type Default Value Description
requiressl Boolean No New in v3.6.0! Whether TLS (SSL) is required to use SASL.
target Text None Required! A glob pattern for the server to route SASL requests to. This should usually be set to the name of your services server.
Example Usage
<sasl requiressl="no"


Name Parameter Count Syntax Description
Allows clients to authenticate against a services account.

Client Capabilities

Name Description
sasl Enables support for SASL authentication.

Special Notes

The /AUTHENTICATE command should generally not be executed by users. It is intended to be an entirely internal feature which is executed automatically by clients.