The "lockserv" Module (v3)

This module has been moved to inspircd-contrib in the next major version of InspIRCd.


This module adds the /LOCKSERV and /UNLOCKSERV commands which allows server operators to control whether users can connect to the local server.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="lockserv">

This module requires no other configuration.


Name Parameter Count Syntax Description
LOCKSERV 0-1 [<message>] Disables access to the local server with an optional message.
UNLOCKSERV 0 None Enables access to the local server.

Example Usage

Stops the local server from accepting new connections with the message "Server is under maintenance. Come back later.":

/LOCKSERV :Server is under maintenance. Come back later.

Opens up the local server so it accepts new connections:


Special Notes

If you accidentally disconnect whilst a server is locked you can disable the lock by rehashing the server.