The "ident" Module (v3)


This module allows the usernames (idents) of users to be looked up using the RFC 1413 Identification Protocol. This mostly not necessary but can be useful for shared hosts where many users may be connecting from one IP address as it allows you to ban specific users without banning the entire provider.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="ident">


This module extends the core <connect> tags with the following fields:

Name Type Default Value Description
useident Boolean Yes Whether users in this connect class should have their usernames (idents) looked up.
requireident Boolean No Whether users must have responded to a username (ident) lookup to be assigned to this class.
Example Usage

Disables username (ident) lookups for users in the WebChat class:

<connect name="WebChat"

Requires users connecting from to respond to username (ident) lookups to be assigned to the BNC class:

<connect name="BNC"


The <ident> tag defines settings about how the ident module should behave. This tag can only be defined once.

Name Type Default Value Description
prefixunqueried Boolean No Whether to prefix the usernames (idents) of users in classes with ident lookups disabled.
timeout Duration 5s The duration to timeout username (ident) lookups after.
Example Usage
<ident prefixunqueried="no"

Special Notes

If you are also using the cgiirc module you should disable ident lookups for your WebIRC gateway.

It is recommended that you only enable ident lookups for hosts that you know are shared as performing ident lookups makes connecting to a server slower.