The "cban" Module


This module adds the /CBAN command which allows server operators to prevent channels matching a glob from being created.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="cban">

This module requires no other configuration.


Name Parameter Count Syntax Description
CBAN 1-3 <channel> [<duration> [<reason>]] Allows server operators to add and remove channel bans.

Example Usage

Bans the #example channel for one week:

/CBAN #example 7d :This channel is banned for a week

Bans channels that match the glob #example* forever:

/CBAN #example* 0 :This channel is banned forever

Unbans the #example channel:

/CBAN #example


Character Description
C Lists all channel bans.

Special Notes

CBANs are expired lazily when a lookup happens for performance reasons. This means that expiry messages may display later than expected.