The "callerid" Module (v3)


This module provides user mode g (callerid) which allows users to require that other users are on their whitelist before messaging them.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="callerid">


The <callerid> tag defines settings about how the callerid module should behave. This tag can only be defined once.

Name Type Default Value Description
cooldown Number 10 The number of seconds between notifying users of other users that want to message them.
maxaccepts Number 30 The maximum number of users who can be on a user's callerid whitelist.
tracknick Boolean No Whether to track nickname changes for users on a callerid whitelist.
Example Usage
<callerid cooldown="10"


This module extends the core <class:privs> field with the following values:

Name Description
users/ignore-callerid Allows server operators to message users using callerid without being on their callerid list.
Example Usage

Allows server operators with the class named BasicOper to message users using callerid without being on their callerid list.

<class name="BasicOper"
       privs="... users/ignore-callerid ...">


Name Parameter Count Syntax Description
Allows users to add, remove, and view the users on their callerid whitelist.

Example Usage

Lists all users on your callerid whitelist:


Adds Sadie to your callerid whitelist and removes Adam from your callerid whitelist:

/ACCEPT +Sadie,-Adam

User Modes

Name Character Type Parameter Syntax Usable By Description
callerid g Switch None Anyone Enables whitelisting of who can message the user.