Installing InspIRCd 3 using the pkgsrc package

An official package for pkgsrc platforms is maintained by nia. It lives in chat/inspircd3.

What systems are supported by this package?

It is known to build on:

Other UNIX-likes probably work too.

How do I install this package?

Binary package

Using pkgin:

pkgin install inspircd

Using pkg_install:

pkg_add inspircd

Source package

If you're not using NetBSD, you need to bootstrap first. Consult the pkgsrc documentation for information on how to do this.

cd chat/inspircd3
make package
make install

Where does this package store important files?

As well as the normal system configuration directory (e.g. on NetBSD, /usr/pkg/etc/inspircd), important files can be found in $PREFIX/inspircd.

Init scripts

rc.subr (NetBSD, others)

By default, the init script is installed to $PREFIX/share/examples/rc.d/inspircd, and should be copied to /etc/rc.d to be used on NetBSD. Note that PREFIX defaults to /usr/pkg on NetBSD.

All the normal init commands are available (service inspircd start, service inspircd restart, etc).

In addition, rehash and sslrehash commands are available. rehash reloads configuration without stopping the server, while sslrehash will reload the SSL certificate.