Useful Configuration Snippets

Enabling support for connections via hosted clients

As of v3.4.0 InspIRCd ships with preconfigured files for enabling support for popular hosted clients on your server.

To add support for add the following include tag to your configuration:

<include file="examples/providers/kiwiirc-com.conf.example">

To add support for IRCCloud add the following include tag to your configuration:

<include file="examples/providers/irccloud.conf.example">

If you run a popular hosted client or a shared bouncer service that supports modern IRC features we would be happy to include configs for your client. Please reach out to us via on and we'll try to work something out.

Requiring connections to use SASL

To do this you create an allow connect class which only applies pre-connection and then a deny class which only applies post-connection which has <connect:requireaccount> set to yes (requires the sasl module and the the services_account module).

You can also combine this with other <connect> fields such as adding port="6660-6669" to only apply to plain text connections or webirc="*" to only apply to connections via WebIRC gateways (requires the cgiirc module).

<connect allow="*"

<connect deny="*"
         reason="You must authenticate using SASL to connect to this server.">