The "sslmodes" Module


This module adds channel mode z (sslonly) which prevents users who are not connecting using SSL from joining the channel.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="">

This module requires no other configuration.

Channel Modes

Name Character Type Parameter Syntax Description
sslonly z Switch None Prevents users who are not connected using SSL from joining the channel.

Extended Bans

Character Type Ban Syntax Description
z Matching z:<pattern> Checks whether users have an SSL client certificate with a fingerprint matching <pattern>.

Example Usage

Bans users with an SSL client certificate fingerprint of 5d7499e1a3537687a2e875fed60b171508a4d1384351e276c4f961ab80729249:

/MODE #channel +b z:5d7499e1a3537687a2e875fed60b171508a4d1384351e276c4f961ab80729249