InspIRCd v2 is coming to the end of its lifetime!

Fixes for security vulnerabilities will be provided until 2021-01-01 but after this date v2 will no longer be maintained.

InspIRCd v3 contains many new features including full support for all currently ratified IRCv3 extensions and WebSocket connections.

InspIRCd v3 installation instructions are available here and a list of breaking changes is available here.

The "ldapoper" Module

This module depends on a third-party library (OpenLDAP) and must be manually enabled at compile time.

Once you have installed the dependency you can enable this module using the following command:

./configure --enable-extras m_ldapoper.cpp


This module allows server operators to be authenticated against an LDAP database.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="">


The <ldapoper> tag defines settings about how the ldapoper module should behave. This tag can only be defined once.

Name Type Default Value Description
attribute Text None Required! The attribute which is used to locate an account by name. On POSIX systems this is usually "uid".
baserdn Text None Required! The base Distinguished Name to search in for users.
bindauth Text None Required! The password for the Distinguished Name specified in the binddn field.
binddn Text None Required! The Distinguished Name to bind to for searching,
searchscope Text subtree The scope of the search for the LDAP entry.
server Text None Required The ldaps:// or ldap:// URL for your LDAP server.

The searchscope field should be set to one of the following values:

Value Description
base Search only the LDAP object itself.
onelevel Search the LDAP object and its immediate children.
subtree Search the LDAP object and all descendants.
Example Usage
<ldapoper attribute="uid"