InspIRCd v2 is coming to the end of its lifetime!

Fixes for security vulnerabilities will be provided until 2021-01-01 but after this date v2 will no longer be maintained.

InspIRCd v3 contains many new features including full support for all currently ratified IRCv3 extensions and WebSocket connections.

InspIRCd v3 installation instructions are available here and a list of breaking changes is available here.

The "chgname" Module


This module adds the /CHGNAME command which allows server operators to change the real name (gecos) of a user.


To load this module use the following <module> tag:

<module name="">

This module requires no other configuration.


Name Parameter Count Syntax Description
CHGNAME 2 <nickname> <realname> Changes the real name (gecos) of <nickname> to <realname>.

Example Usage

Changes the real name (gecos) of Sadie to "Wibble Wobble":

/CHGNAME Sadie :Wibble Wobble