InspIRCd v2 is coming to the end of its lifetime!

Fixes for security vulnerabilities will be provided until 2021-01-01 but after this date v2 will no longer be maintained.

InspIRCd v3 contains many new features including full support for all currently ratified IRCv3 extensions and WebSocket connections.

InspIRCd v3 installation instructions are available here and a list of breaking changes is available here.

Module List

This is a complete list of all modules that ship with InspIRCd. If you have installed from source you can also install third-party modules which have been created by the InspIRCd community using the Module Manager.

Default Modules

These modules require no dependencies and will always be available.

Name Description
abbreviation Provides the ability to abbreviate commands a-la BBC BASIC keywords.
alias Provides aliases of commands.
allowinvite Provides support for channel mode +A, allowing /invite freely on a channel and extban A to deny specific users it.
alltime Display timestamps from all servers connected to the network.
auditorium Allows for auditorium channels (+u) where nobody can see others joining and parting or the nick list.
autoop Provides support for the +w channel mode.
banexception Provides support for the +e channel mode.
banredirect Allows an extended ban (+b) syntax redirecting banned users to another channel.
blockamsg Attempt to block /amsg, at least some of the irritating mIRC scripts.
blockcaps Provides support to block all-CAPS channel messages and notices.
blockcolor Provides channel mode +c to block color.
botmode Provides user mode +B to mark the user as a bot.
callerid Implementation of callerid, usermode +g, /accept.
cap Client CAP extension support.
cban Gives /cban, aka C:lines. Think Q:lines, for channels.
censor Provides user and channel +G mode.
cgiirc Change user's hosts connecting from known CGI:IRC hosts.
chancreate Provides snomasks 'j' and 'J', to which notices about newly created channels are sent.
chanfilter Provides channel-specific censor lists (like mode +G but varies from channel to channel).
chanhistory Provides channel history replayed on join.
chanlog Logs snomask output to channel(s).
channames Implements config tags which allow changing characters allowed in channel names.
channelban Extban 'j' - channel status/join ban.
chanprotect Founder and Protect modes (+qa).
check CHECK command, view user, channel, IP address or hostname information.
chghost Provides support for the CHGHOST command.
chgident Provides support for the CHGIDENT command.
chgname Provides support for the CHGNAME command.
cloaking Provides masking of user hostnames.
clones Provides the /CLONES command to retrieve information on clones.
close Provides /CLOSE functionality.
commonchans Adds user mode +c, which if set, users must be on a common channel with you to private message you.
conn_join Forces users to join the specified channel(s) on connect.
conn_umodes Sets (and unsets) modes on users when they connect.
conn_waitpong Require pong prior to registration.
connectban Throttles the connections of IP ranges who try to connect flood.
connflood Connection throttle.
customprefix Provides custom prefix channel modes.
customtitle Custom Title for users.
cycle Provides command CYCLE, acts as a server-side HOP command to part and rejoin a channel.
dccallow Provides support for the /DCCALLOW command.
deaf Provides usermode +d to block channel messages and channel notices.
delayjoin Allows for delay-join channels (+D) where users don't appear to join until they speak.
delaymsg Provides channelmode +d <int>, to deny messages to a channel until <int> seconds.
denychans Implements config tags which allow blocking of joins to channels.
devoice Provides voiced users with the ability to devoice themselves.
dnsbl Provides handling of DNS blacklists.
exemptchanops Provides the ability to allow channel operators to be exempt from certain modes.
filter Text (spam) filtering.
gecosban Extban 'r' - realname (gecos) ban.
globalload Allows global loading of a module.
globops Provides support for GLOBOPS and snomask +g.
halfop Channel half-operator mode provider.
helpop Provides the /HELPOP command for useful information.
hidechans Provides support for hiding channels with user mode +I.
hideoper Provides support for hiding oper status with user mode +H.
hostchange Provides masking of user hostnames in a different way to m_cloaking.
httpd Provides HTTP serving facilities to modules.
httpd_acl Provides access control lists (passwording of resources, ip restrictions etc) to dependent modules.
httpd_config Allows for the server configuration to be viewed over HTTP via
httpd_stats Provides statistics over HTTP via
ident Provides support for RFC1413 ident lookups.
inviteexception Provides support for the +I channel mode.
ircv3 Provides support for extended-join, away-notify and account-notify CAP capabilities.
joinflood Provides channel mode +j (join flood protection).
jumpserver Provides support for the RPL_REDIR numeric and the /JUMPSERVER command.
kicknorejoin Channel mode to delay rejoin after kick.
knock Provides support for /KNOCK and channel mode +K.
lockserv Allows locking of the server to stop all incoming connections until unlocked again.
maphide Hide /MAP and /LINKS in the same form as ircu.
md5 Implements MD5 hashing.
messageflood Provides channel mode +f (message flood protection).
mlock Implements the ability to have server-side MLOCK enforcement.
muteban Implements extban +b m: - mute bans.
namedmodes Provides the ability to manipulate modes via long names.
namesx Provides the NAMESX (CAP multi-prefix) capability.
nationalchars Provides an ability to have non-RFC1459 nicks & support for national CASEMAPPING.
nickflood Channel mode F - nick flood protection.
nicklock Provides the NICKLOCK command, allows an oper to change a users nick and lock them to it until they quit.
noctcp Provides channel mode +C to block CTCPs.
nokicks Provides channel mode +Q to prevent kicks on the channel.
nonicks Provides support for channel mode +N & extban +b N: which prevents nick changes on channel.
nonotice Provides channel mode +T to block notices to the channel.
nopartmsg Implements extban +b p: - part message bans.
ojoin Network Business Join.
operchans Provides support for oper-only chans via the +O channel mode and 'O' extban.
operjoin Forces opers to join the specified channel(s) on oper-up.
operlevels Gives each oper type a 'level', cannot kill opers 'above' your level.
operlog A module which logs all oper commands to the ircd log at default loglevel.
opermodes Sets (and unsets) modes on opers when they oper up.
opermotd Shows a message to opers after oper-up, adds /opermotd.
operprefix Gives opers cmode +y which provides a staff prefix.
override Provides support for allowing opers to override certain things.
passforward Sends server password to NickServ.
password_hash Allows for hashed oper passwords.
permchannels Provides support for channel mode +P to provide permanent channels.
randquote Provides random quotes on connect.
redirect Provides channel mode +L (limit redirection) and user mode +L (no forced redirection).
regex_glob Regex module using plain wildcard matching.
regonlycreate Prevents users whose nicks are not registered from creating new channels.
remove Provides a /remove command, this is mostly an alternative to /kick, except makes users appear to have parted the channel.
restrictchans Only opers may create new channels if this module is loaded.
restrictmsg Forbids users from messaging each other. Users may still message opers and opers may message other opers.
ripemd160 Provides RIPEMD-160 hashing.
rline RLINE: Regexp user banning.
sajoin Provides command SAJOIN to allow opers to force-join users to channels.
sakick Provides a SAKICK command.
samode Provides command SAMODE to allow opers to change modes on channels and users.
sanick Provides support for SANICK command.
sapart Provides command SAPART to force-part users from a channel.
saquit Provides support for an SAQUIT command, exits user with a reason.
sasl Provides support for IRC Authentication Layer (aka: SASL) via AUTHENTICATE.
satopic Provides a SATOPIC command.
securelist Disallows /LIST for recently connected clients to hinder spam bots.
seenicks Provides support for seeing local and remote nickchanges via snomasks.
serverban Extban 's' - server ban.
services_account Provides support for ircu-style services accounts, including chmode +R, etc.
servprotect Provides user mode +k to protect services from kicks, kills, and channel prefix mode changes.
sethost Provides support for the SETHOST command.
setident Provides support for the SETIDENT command.
setidle Allows opers to set their idle time.
setname Provides support for the SETNAME command.
sha256 Implements SHA-256 hashing.
showwhois Allows opers to set +W to see when a user uses WHOIS on them.
shun Provides the /SHUN command, which stops a user from executing all except configured commands.
silence Provides support for the /SILENCE command.
spanningtree Allows servers to be linked.
sqlauth Allow/Deny connections based upon an arbitrary SQL table.
sqloper Allows storage of oper credentials in an SQL table.
sslinfo Provides user TLS (SSL) information and certificate utilities.
sslmodes Provides channel mode +z to allow for Secure/SSL only channels.
stripcolor Provides channel +S mode (strip ansi color).
svshold Implements SVSHOLD. Like Q:Lines, but can only be added/removed by Services.
swhois Provides the SWHOIS command which allows setting of arbitrary WHOIS lines.
testnet Provides a module for testing the server while linked in a network.
timedbans Adds timed bans.
tline Provides /tline command used to test who a mask matches.
topiclock Implements server-side topic locks and the server-to-server command SVSTOPIC.
uhnames Provides the UHNAMES facility.
uninvite Provides the UNINVITE command which lets users un-invite other users from channels.
userip Provides support for USERIP command.
vhost Provides masking of user hostnames via traditional /VHOST command.
watch Provides support for the /WATCH command.
xline_db Keeps a dynamic log of all X-lines created, and stores them in a separate conf file (xline.db).

Extra Modules

These modules require third-party dependencies to be installed and have to be enabled at compile time. See the specific module page for details on how to enable these.

Name Description
geoip Provides a way to assign users to connect classes by country using GeoIP lookup.
ldapauth Allow/Deny connections based upon answer from LDAP server.
ldapoper Adds the ability to authenticate opers via LDAP.
mysql MySQL support.
pgsql PostgreSQL Service Provider module for all other m_sql* modules, uses v2 of the SQL API.
regex_pcre Regex Provider Module for PCRE.
regex_posix Regex Provider Module for POSIX Regular Expressions.
regex_stdlib Regex Provider Module for std::regex.
regex_tre Regex Provider Module for TRE Regular Expressions.
sqlite3 sqlite3 provider.
ssl_gnutls Provides TLS (SSL) support for clients.
ssl_openssl Provides TLS (SSL) support for clients.