InspIRCd v2 is coming to the end of its lifetime!

Fixes for security vulnerabilities will be provided until 2021-01-01 but after this date v2 will no longer be maintained.

InspIRCd v3 contains many new features including full support for all currently ratified IRCv3 extensions and WebSocket connections.

InspIRCd v3 installation instructions are available here and a list of breaking changes is available here.

Managing third-party modules with Module Manager


The InspIRCd community has created many third-party modules and Module Manager is an easy-to-use helper script for finding and installing those modules.


To see the list of Module Manager subcommands you can run execute ./modulemanager help in the root of the InspIRCd source directory.

Installing a module

To install a module use the ./modulemanager install <name> command. The module will be downloaded and placed into the ./src/modules directory. You can then build and install the module by running make install.

Upgrading modules

To upgrade modules use the ./modulemanager upgrade command. All outdated modules will be updated and you can rebuild them as mentioned above.

Listing available modules

The ./modulemanager list command shows the names, versions, and descriptions of all available modules.

Other Methods

If for some reason you are unable to use the Module Manager you can download and install modules manually using the following steps:

  1. Download the module you wish to install from the inspircd-contrib repository on GitHub.

  2. Move it to the ./src/modules directory.

  3. Run make install to build and install the module.